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In the match-fixing cases FIFA Coins
4/11/18 1:00 AM - 5/31/18 1:00 AM
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UEFA voters shared bribes totaling around FIFA Coins million euros (then around $13 million) in the Euro 2012 hosting vote won by Poland and Ukraine in an unexpected victory over Italy.


UEFA said in an October 2010 statement that its criminal complaint was "to establish whether any of the claims made ... have any substance to them, and therefore to make available any tangible elements in order to substantiate these claims. And secondly, to protect the integrity and the good name of UEFA and European football, in general, which have been seriously damaged by these allegations."


In the match-fixing cases referred to Wednesday, UEFA pressured its Turkish member federation in 2011 to withdraw title holder Fenerbahce from the Champions League and later imposed a ban from the competition in additional seasons.However, fans of rival clubs were angered that UEFA and Turkish officials allowed Fenerbahce to avoid a relegation sanction.


In Greece, Olympiakos was allowed by UEFA to play in this season's Champions League despite the club president being implicated in a fixing scandal last year linked to organized crime. UEFA entry rules require clubs not to have been involved in fixing matches.Fans in Greece then suggested a conspiracy because Infantino's deputy at UEFA has close family ties to Olympiakos.


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