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Suit Underwear
10/1/17 1:00 AM - 12/30/17 1:00 AM
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Dress corset style bra like a freak with this bondage-inspired lingerie.Jackie Hopson, designer of Bodybinds, in corset style bra her studio.Anne WermielLike many great works of art, Jackie Hopson’s très-scandalous lingerie line, Bodybinds, sprung from a bad breakup.

It womens bikinis sale was 2006, Hopson was newly single, and looking to “spice up my life.”

So, suit underwear she did what any New York woman would do — she signed up for pole dancing classes.

“I really learned to have self-love and appreciate my body. It changed my life,” says the 36-year-old Hopson, who is now married to chef Craig Hopson, formerly of Le Cirque and Beautique and soon to be in the kitchen at Picholine.

BodybindsMatt LicariIn 2012, Hopson, then a handbag designer for Li & Fung, offered to design her and her classmates’ costumes for an open-house performance at Body & Pole in Chelsea.

The garments, essentially straps of black fabric that crisscross around the body like decorative ribbon with keyholes in all the right places, won rave reviews. Hopson, a sweet-smiling girl who grew up in Hawaii with her schoolteacher mother and electrician father, realized she had a hot product on her hands.

That year, she officially launched her bondage-inspired lingerie line, Bodybinds, sold online at bodybinds.com and beloved by everyone from pole dancers to lingerie aficionados.

“I design for my alter-ego,” admits Hopson, who lives in Brooklyn Heights and favors demure boy shorts over her risque creations.

The pieces, which include such fare as the “All Caged Up” set for $220, the “Anna Reversible Harness Top” for $150 and the $50 “Rebecca Bondage Top,” are so bare, they can’t be published here on a model without an undergarment. Yes, her undergarments need undergarments.

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BackContinueShare this:FacebookTwitterGoogleFacebook MessengerWhatsAppEmailCopyAdvertisementAugust 23, 2014“A lot of people think of most of it as kind of scandalous,” admits the FIT grad, proudly.

Hopsons next venture will be a swimwear line called Le Lani.Anne WermielMen especially react strongly to the line.

Hopson admits she designs for her alter-ego.Anne Wermiel“They’re usually giant-eyed and ‘Oh, can I have your card please?’ or ‘Do you ever need someone to photograph for you?’ ” she says with a laugh. (The answer to the latter is an emphatic “no.”)

Despite Bodybinds’ off-the-radar sex appeal, Hopson maintains that her lingerie is comfortable and practical.

“They’re all one-size-fits-all and extremely stretchy,” says Hopson, who will soon launch a swimwear line called Le Lani. “They are all made out of Neoprene so they don’t make anyone look like sausages.”

The key to pulling off one of her naughty ensembles, she says, is confidence — and a bit of mood-lighting.

“I think the girl just needs to get in the mood to go there. Maybe put on her favorite music. Candles, definitely. And probably watch a movie.”

“Maybe the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ trailer or something,” she adds with a laugh.

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