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Greentelftth ODF Patch Panel has been widely used

Ftth Box communication network has become the cornerstone of today's information dissemination world. With the further development of the network and the increasing demand for communication bandwidth, the user's last ten kilometers and last kilometers of the entire communications network are using fiber. FTTH has become an important direction for the development of optical fiber communication network.

FTTH mainly uses PON network technology, which requires a large number of low-cost optical splitter and other optical passive devices. The optical splitter is part of the FTTH network. With the promotion of FTTH, the market demand will be even greater.

From the perspective of optical device development can be seen, fiber PLC splitter has become a high-performance, low-cost optical splitter large-scale preparation of the mainstream technology.

Through the production and optical fiber array package combined optical splitter chip, completed the optical splitter preparation, is the use of fiber PLC splitter. Its characteristics are small size, low cost, good uniformity of the spectroscope. But at the same time the technical threshold is relatively high, especially for mass production of large optical splitter production.

In the international arena, ODF Patch Panel has been widely used in small-scale, high-performance optical device manufacturing and production, especially optical splitter chip.


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