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kitchen faucets manufacturers share knowledge about faucets: 1. The faucet cannot be used immediately Most people are used to getting up in the morning to unscrew the faucet and use it directly. However, before using the faucet the next day, it is generally necessary to let the water accumulated in the faucet overnight and then use it. For the faucet, people are "smelling the lead color change". In fact, no matter how good the faucet is, it is difficult to avoid more or less lead element precipitation pollution, but in general, due to the role of the lead protective film inside the faucet, its content is greatly Reduce to the standard level. However, the water in the long-term retention faucet will cause the lead protective film to fall off, and the lead element will precipitate after being dissolved in water. In particular, traditional faucets and water pipes are more likely to rust and pollute the water, so it is necessary to first drain the yellow water stored in the pipe when using it early. Stainless steel faucets are relatively healthy in terms of product selection but at a higher price. 2. The faucet should be replaced regularly The house has been bought, and the decoration is good. For everything in the house, in addition to large items such as home appliances, many things will be used for ten years and decades, so we will pay attention to the quality of household products, but like faucets. Products, even if they have been used for many years, are not bad, you should replace them with updates because the faucet time will have different degrees of rust after a long time. For brand faucet products with a good reputation, it can be changed in five years. If it is a faucet product with relatively small or no brand guarantee, it is recommended to change it every year. As for non-drinking faucets such as laundry, it can be used for a long time. It doesn't matter at all, it has to be changed in 6-7 years. information about kitchen faucets manufacturers :