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Common pre-dryers have common spray dryers, air dryers, fluidized bed dryers, flash dryers, fluidized bed dryers, such as spray granulation. Flash dryer spray is an advanced device in drying equipment. The fruit dryer machine manufacturer tells you three traditional methods of atomization: rotary atomization, pressure atomization, and airflow atomization. Rotary atomization characteristics of a large spray drying capacity (spray up to 200 tons / hour) will be responsible for easy control, operational flexibility, and a wider range of applications. Pressure atomized spray drying is characterized by coarse particles that can be created for future repairs. Since the nozzle holes are small, they are easily clogged and the liquid must be strictly filtered. The nozzle holes are easy to wear and the use of wear resistant materials. There is also a new structure for nozzle pressure called a pressure-flow nozzle. It features nozzle pressure and air gap nozzles in the surrounding environment. The atomization is divided into two stages: forming a liquid film pressure nozzle, The movie is the second air atomization, which makes more small water droplets. The advantage of this type of nozzle: 1. Adjusting the pressure of the compressed air, the droplet diameter can be adjusted, and the operation is simple; 2. Production, high viscosity liquid, which can atomize droplets fine; 3 If you disable compressed air, the original pressure nozzle can be used. The atomizing airflow of the laboratory and the main plants in the Middle East, its power consumption. The first two liquids that cannot atomize the nozzle use an air atomizable nozzle. High viscosity paste, paste and filter cake materials for three-fluid nozzle atomization. The drier air flow drying technology is mature, if the operational data can be designed directly. The fluidized bed dryer feeding arrangement is divided into a partial fluidized bed dryer agitator and a heat transfer fluidized bed dryer. When unity is easy to use fluidized bed drying, or agglomerated powder material feed more water will flow into the above difficult phenomenon, this time set up the feed mixer to the above situation, eliminating bundle problems to achieve normal flow. The latter is a combination of heat conduction and convective heat transfer, when the amount of normal flow of hot air is used is not enough in the country to meet the required heat drying use of the heat exchanger, supply part or most of the heat, which type Operation can save a lot of energy. Take many forms of heat exchangers. Fluidized bed drying is also often used in combination drying. A conventional vibrating fluidized bed is implemented. There are two types of vibrating vibration sources that can be divided into two types: one is a vibration motor drive, and the other is a common motor that generates vibration through an excitation box to make the spring. When vibrating, the size of the bed, the latter is better. In the process of fluidized bed spray granulation dryer, fluidization technology, atomization technology and dry organic combination are three. It is the seed that will atomize the spray liquid into the fluidized bed, so the seeds continue to grow and dry to reach the desired size, the time beyond the catapult. The device's small and large production capacity creates large particles. The industrial application of this device has been increasing. information about Guanfeng Food Machinery : https://www.gf-machine.com/