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The Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers tells you whether the single tank is good or the double tank is good. We need to analyze and analyze this problem objectively. Let's choose it by comparison. 1, single basin type The large single-basin sink has a large basin and is more convenient and comfortable to choose. At present, the market has a long basin type with a length of more than 900mm. The shape is also more luxurious, of course, the price is also more expensive. It conforms to the cooking habits of the Orientals. It has a large volume and is spacious to use. It can enlarge the pot and is suitable for Chinese families. Like to wash in a large space, a large single basin sink is a good choice. Many families are still accustomed to using pots to wash fruits and vegetables, tableware, etc. Single pots are dominant in size, so don't worry about not being able to cook pots or pots. Some long, thick vegetables can be cleaned in the sink without breaking or cutting. It is easy to use. The requirement for a single basin to the faucet is relatively simple, and it can be freely chosen by throwing away the restraint. Small single basin sinks are often the choice of households with too small a kitchen space. They are inconvenient to use and can only meet the most basic cleaning functions. Individuals do not recommend small single basins, large single basins can be considered. The disadvantage of a single basin sink is that it is not suitable to install a garbage disposer, because there is only one drain, and if there is a problem with the garbage disposer, there is no need for a garbage disposer, and the sewage will pass through here, which will affect the service life of the garbage disposer. . At the same time, greasy things and muddy things are washed together in a sink, which inevitably affects each other, making the place that is supposed to be clean become the dirtiest place. At this time, the cleaning of the sink is very important and it takes a lot of trouble to clean it. [Advantages] The single tank has a relatively large volume and is highly practical. This means you can easily soak or rinse large pots and wash large amounts of food. It is recommended that the single groove depth be 18 cm, which prevents splashing. [Disadvantages] Single tank can only clean different types of kitchen utensils at the same time, which puts high requirements on the cleaning ability of the owner. 2, double basin type The double basin type can be used for washing vegetables and one for water control. The double basin design is widely used in the home. The double basin can meet the needs of cleaning and conditioning separately, and it is also the first choice because of the proper space. The double basin sink can be cleaned separately from hot, mud, clean and dirty than a single basin sink. A double basin sink may take up more space than a single basin sink, but it allows the kitchen to be diversified in a certain space and convenient to use. Most of the double basins are large and small, the sink is one big and one small, and the small one can put a cutting board. After washing the dishes in the large sink, you can take the dishes directly to the other side of the cutting board. It is very convenient, and you won't get the water. However, some people think that the pot cannot be opened in the large sink of the double basin, especially when cooking the wok and the pressure cooker, if you buy a double basin sink, it is best to buy a sink that is bigger and the other sink is smaller. Smaller sinks can be loaded with garbage processors. Big ones can wash big things. [Advantages] Give different cleaning functions to the two sinks. For example, a large sink can be used to clean dishes, and a small sink can clean food. The two sinks are used at the same time for convenience and flexibility. [Disadvantages] It is difficult to clean large kitchen utensils in small sinks. 3, three basin type The three-pot design features more distinctions. It can be washed, soaked and stored at the same time, saving time and effort, and allowing food to be cooked separately. The division of labor in the three basins is more clear. The disadvantage is that the basin is large and the large kitchen is useful. If the kitchen space is large, the range of choice is wider, with three basins or a sink with a drain plate. [Advantages] It can simultaneously perform various functions such as soaking or washing and storing, and can also make food raw and cooked separately, saving time and effort, and being convenient to use. [Disadvantages] The three sinks occupy a relatively large space. Ok, today's knowledge about the sink is here. If you want to express your opinion, please leave a message below. Maybe your message will save a lost decoration. information about Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers :