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How do Blast freezer manufacturers share how vacuum drying ovens work? There are three main reasons why vacuum drying ovens are vacuumed and then heated. First, the product is placed in a vacuum oven to evacuate the gas components that can be removed from the sample. If the product is first heated, the gas expands when heated. It will be a potential threat to the sample. The cabinet of the vacuum drying oven is sealed, and the gas in the tank expands, posing a potential threat to the cabinet. Second, if the vacuum drying oven is operated according to the procedure of heating up and then vacuuming, when the heated air is pumped out by the vacuum pump, the heat is inevitably brought to the vacuum pump, thereby causing the temperature of the vacuum pump to rise too high, and the efficiency of the vacuum pump is lowered. Third, the heated gas is directed to a vacuum gauge, and the vacuum gauge produces a temperature rise. If the temperature rise exceeds the operating temperature range specified by the vacuum gauge, the vacuum gauge may cause an indication error. The correct method of use of the vacuum drying oven should be followed by vacuuming and heating. If the vacuum drying oven has reached the rated temperature and it is found that the vacuum degree has decreased, it can be appropriately pumped. This is also advantageous for extending the service life of the vacuum drying oven. The vacuum controller is configured to precisely control the vacuum of the vacuum oven. The vacuum controller can turn off the vacuum pump after the vacuum oven reaches the set vacuum. When the vacuum is reduced and the vacuum pump needs to be started again, the vacuum controller will start the vacuum pump again. The vacuum controller not only precisely controls the vacuum of the vacuum oven. By controlling the intermittent start of the vacuum pump, the service life of the vacuum pump can be effectively extended. information about Blast freezer : https://www.gf-machine.com/product/quick-freezing-equipment/