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Food freeze drying is a special form of food vacuum drying method. Let's take a look at the principle of food freezing along with Guanfeng Food Machinery Manufacturing. In vacuum drying at a typical absolute pressure of 666.6-101324.7 Pa, the moisture in the food is converted to water vapor in a liquid state. Drying of foods can achieve the purpose of drying under low temperature and anoxic state by this method, thereby avoiding heat damage and oxidative damage suffered by the food when it is dry to varying degrees. However, since the moisture in the dried food is vaporized in a liquid state (having fluidity), the material does not have a stable fixed skeleton before drying, so shrinkage and loss of shape during drying are unavoidable. Food freeze drying is a new drying method developed to overcome this shortcoming. There are many other methods for freeze drying, such as vacuum freeze drying, sublimation, dry bath, freeze sublimation drying, and molecular drying. It first freezes the wet material below the freezing point, turns the water into solid ice, and then, under a higher vacuum, removes the ice directly into water vapor without liquid, thereby obtaining a dried product. Freeze-drying was used early in the dehydration of organisms and was used in the food industry after the Second World War. If processed, the frozen foods can be preserved for a long time, and the original physical, chemical, biological and sensory properties are preserved. If necessary, water can be restored to restore the original shape and structure. information about Guanfeng Food Machinery : https://www.gf-machine.com/