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The kitchen has just been replaced with new cabinets. I chose several counters for the first time. There is stainless steel; there is marble; there are tiles; there are plates, the price is different, dazzling. Finally, I chose stainless steel under the advice of my wife. After all, people are frequent visitors to the kitchen. The stone is afraid of touching, and the wood is afraid of burning. Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets are aesthetically pleasing and affordable. Induction cookers are often used at home, and the induction cooker is placed directly on the stainless steel countertop. During the heating process, the smell of wire was smelled. Not much assembly, the induction cooker will not work. The master who gave the repair looked at it and said that the induction cooker was burned out. I didn't take it seriously at first, thinking that it was normal burnout and bought a new one. After a while, I used the induction cooker to cook, and the last situation appeared again. This time, I carefully inspected the service personnel who sold the induction cooker with the induction cooker. The staff of the store introduced the heating principle of the induction cooker: the induction cooker adopts the principle of magnetic field induced eddy current, which uses high-frequency current to pass through the toroidal coil, thus generating numerous closed magnetic field forces. When a well-conductive or other metal material is close to it, the object will be vortexed, and the heat generated by the object's own resistance will act as a heating. In addition to heating the upper iron pot, the induction cooker does not necessarily have pure stainless steel, so it may also have good magnetic permeability, which can effectively concentrate the magnetic lines and form eddy currents to heat the stainless steel table. . After the stainless steel countertop is heated, the heat will be conducted upwards, and the induction cooker will be harmed. Internal wires, coils, and electrical components may be burnt out when heated, causing the induction cooker to stop working and fail. Therefore, it is also known that the internal structure of the good quality induction cooker is reasonable, and the magnetic force in the reverse direction is better, which is relatively better. But when friends use the induction cooker, it is better to pad a piece of wood or other insulating material underneath. information about Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets :